Saturday, April 20, 2019

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iPhone, iPad & iOS Fixes by iChimp

If like me, you use your smartphone often it is likely that you will have an issue with it sooner or later. In my case, I use my iPhone to read email and check bookings for my cottages. This was great until I started getting problems retrieving email. Luckily the iChimp website helped me diagnose and fix my problem fast.

This isn't the only way they helped me.

I had issues with an iPad I bought from eBay. When I tried to set it up as my own it asked me for the Apple ID of the previous owner. After doing a little research I found that the issue was with something called the iCloud Activation lock. Once again iChimp came to the rescue with an easy to understand article that explained in detail what I should do.

And when I accidentally dropped my iPhone 6 smashing the screen they helped me once again. This time they recommended an iPhone repair service that came to me. Since I live in a rural location this was a godsend as I didn't need to travel to town to get it done.

Finally, I wanted to swap cell networks from EE to Vodafone as it had a much better signal where I live. There are many other benefits of unlocking your iPhone, and you need to consider unlocking it immediately. One of the reasons why unlocking your iPhone is important is due to the network limitation. When your phone is not unlocked, you are limited to the networks that you can use for communication. You are also subjected to cellular contracts that are expensive.

iChimp explained unlocking my iPhone is easy and that there are several methods of doing it with simple to follow step-by-step instructions. It was simple to do and best of all it worked.

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