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Yorkshire Food at Home

Last month we shared activities you can do at home while missing out on all the Yorkshire hotspots that are currently closed. We know a lot of our guests not only look forward to sightseeing during a stay with us, but also of the iconic Yorkshire foods that are celebrated in the area. To make sure you’re not missing out on those too, we’ve compiled a list of some favourite Yorkshire foods and some tasty recipes you can make at home to fill the Yorkshire shaped hole in your stomach!

Yorkshire Pudding

Whether you have it as a starter, on the side of a roast with gravy, or for pudding with jam and cream, The Yorkshire Pudding has to be the most renowned of all the food Yorkshire has been proud to produce. And, in 2010 was voted the most popular thing to come out of Yorkshire!

The classic Sunday lunch staple was first recorded in a recipe book dating from 1737, and were traditionally ‘giant’ Yorkshire puddings when compared to today’s popular ‘mini’ Yorkshires that accompany our Sunday roasts. More recently, the Yorkshire Roast Company brought the Yorkshire Pudding to our headlines once again, only this time, in wrap form!

Made with a really simple batter of eggs, flour, milk, the Yorky Pud has also become one of the most versatile food creations known to man but can be quite tricky for some to master! Ditch the frozen and shop bought ones and try the many recipes available for the “best” Yorkshire pudding. Our favourite recipe is this one by Jamie Oliver, why not give it a go and bring Yorkshire to your kitchen?

Wensleydale Cheese

We couldn’t talk about Yorkshire produce without mentioning Wensleydale Cheese, especially as the Wensleydale Creamery is nearby over in Hawes, just a short drive from our cottages. The well-known cheese was first made among the rolling hills of the Dales in the 12th Century by local monks and was first commercially made in 1897.

Thanks to Wallace and Gromit, our local cheese is now known nationally and is available up and down the country, but there’s nothing quite like buying it locally. The cheese is under constant development too, now with a whole range of cheeses including mature whites and blues! It’s also delicious with fruitcake. The creamery has lots of activities and recipes on their website, just make sure you pay them a visit during stay with us once we reopen!

Yorkshire Parkin

If you’re not from Yorkshire, it’s possible that you may never have heard of Parkin, but this local speciality is seen to be a staple in Yorkshire, especially on Bonfire Night! This classic local sweet treat originated around the time of the Industrial Revolution as a celebration cake. Yorkshire Parkin is similar to gingerbread only it’s made with oatmeal, and many Yorkshire folk associate it with bonfire night and Guy Fawks, who was also a Yorkshireman! Originally from West Yorkshire, Parkin is made with flour, oatmeal, butter, black treacle and ginger. There are plenty of recipes out there, but whichever one you use, just make sure you serve it with a mug of Yorkshire Tea!

Yorkshire Curd Tart

Another sweet Yorkshire treat is another classic, the Yorkshire Curd Tart. The centuries-old treat consists of a shortcrust pastry case and curd cheese with spices and fruit, making for a delicious pud. It’s said that the curd tart was a happy by-product of the cheese making process, which is no surprise when we’re so well known for our Yorkshire cheese! If you’d rather not experiment at home, Yorkshire Tearooms Betty’s sell a curd tart that some say is the best. While the tearooms are closed, Betty’s are offering a mail order service until you’re able to visit them during a stay with us.

We hope we’ve been able to give you some inspiration of Yorkshire foods you can try at home, or something you’ll look forward to having here when you come and stay with us again. While you’re unable to visit us, there are also so many food brands that originate in Yorkshire and are now available nationally for you to enjoy at home, so you can taste little piece of Yorkshire from wherever you may be. The likes of Seabrook crisps, Terry’s chocolate orange, and Bassett’s sweets all started off right here in Yorkshire!

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